ToteGrip™ The Universal Laptop, Ultrabook or Netbook Handle
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Fits Any Laptop!
Great for work, home school or travel

Laptop Handle ToteGrip Laptop Handle

Use the ToteGrip on any Laptop, Ultrabook or Netbook


Official ToteGrip Laptop or Netbook Carrying Handle - Fits all laptops for a safe grip on your life!
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Laptop Handle

ToteGrip by Kelcraft

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  Slips over screen, down around the hinges. Draws to tighten
Fold handle underneath for better cooling and ergonomic keyboard tilt
Very strong, can carry over 100 pounds!
One Size Fits All - from mini netbooks to monster 21 inch notebooks
Works with docking stations at your desk
Fits in your existing backpack, briefcase or bag
Customers love the laptop handle and the cushioned ride it provides
Guaranteed to fit and to last, if you aren't thrilled with the ToteGrip it's FREE! 



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